What would like to see happen in the dead end street spaces?

Please have your say below!

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3 Responses to What would like to see happen in the dead end street spaces?

  1. Carl Morris says:

    I haven’t long been in Grangetown, I love it. (Except that there seems to be a fair bit of poo on the streets which is pretty annoying.)

    On the dead end street spaces I’d like to see some info about Grangetown residents past and present, and what they’ve achieved. The great historian John Davies springs to mind. How about marking his work now?

    There are a lot of layers of history. For instance I live in north Grangetown, also known as gogledd Grangetown. It used to be called Saltmead but there are very few references to this other than the name of the medical centre.

    Other than that I know very little about the area. I set up a persistent search on Google News but it’s only delivering downbeat stuff, as news does. So, let’s unveil some of the more encouraging and interesting stuff.

    • kevin says:

      Thanks Carl, for the comments. I agree there should be more celebration of Grangetown’s history. It’s just a matter of how for it to be engaging and effective. If you’d like, we are having a meeting about the street party on Monday, 4 April at 6pm Salvation Army, Corporation road. Please come.

      • Carl Morris says:

        Maybe it’s worth exploring the idea of people who are doing things now, not just historical figures.

        John Davies is not historical, he just happens to be a historian! He won Welsh book of the year in 2010 and has just finished a series on S4C.

        Thanks for the invite, I hope to see you there.

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